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Customize your Home Screen

Now with iOS 14, Launcher brings its powerful widgets to your Home Screen!

With just one touch you can:

  • Call, message, FaceTime, or email a contact.
  • Get directions to a location.
  • Start playing any artist, album or playlist in Apple Music.
  • Quickly access your favorite websites.
  • Launch actions within apps like Compose Tweet or Run Shortcut.
  • Turn Wifi, Bluetooth, Low Power Mode, DND, Cellular Data, and Airplane Mode on and off.
  • Launch any app on your device.

Launcher Widgets also have many customization options you can't get with normal home screen icons (some require the Premium Version upgrade):

  • Customize your icons and backgrounds.
  • Change icon size from tiny to huge.
  • Remove icon labels for a cleaner look.
  • Style with background colors or images; match existing wallpaper.
  • Stack widgets for better space utilization.
  • Unlimited number of new iOS 14 widgets.

Any widget can be configured to change its icon set automatically based on day, time, and/or location! (Premium Version only)
This allows you to set up specific icons to show based on:

  • Morning, day, evening.
  • Home, work, gym.
  • Weekdays, weekends.

And Launcher 5 contains many more powerful and useful features while keeping the same user friendly widget setup. Including:

  • Existing "classic widgets" can still be used in the Notification Center.
  • Recently Launched and Most Launched widgets update automatically based on usage.
  • Launcher triggers: Get a notification to launch an app at set times or locations.
  • Great accessibility for the sight-impaired.
  • Siri Shortcut support. Run launchers with your voice.

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