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by Cromulent Labs

Create human-quality speech files from text

Remarkable Text To Speech is the easiest way to generate human-quality voice recordings for any video or audio project. Choose from hundreds of different voices, type in some text, and simply export the generated audio files into your YouTube video, podcast, demo, or tutorial.

Supports iPhone, iPad, and has a full-fledged Mac app which makes it simple to generate human-sounding speech on any Apple platform.


  • Contains over 400 human-quality voices in 60 different languages.
  • Seamless iCloud sync of all project data from iPhone to iPad to full-fledged Mac app.
  • Built-in voices are completely free to use. Purchase credits for high quality voices. Pay as you go, no subscriptions or accounts needed.
  • Provides several actions for Shortcuts to allow automation of speech creation on iOS and macOS.

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